Portrait of Tom Griffiths in an autumnal woodland

Hi, I am a creative typescript developer, working remotely from Hastings, UK.

I love developing modern sites and applications that look great and perform well. I particularly love a creative challenge and a good problem to get my teeth into.

Currently working at Mutual.

For enquiries,

  • Favourite Stack

    • Next.js,
    • Typescript,
    • TailwindCSS,
    • PayloadCMS,
    • Vercel,
    • Zod
  • Libraries

    • React Query,
    • React Hook Form
  • Animation

    • Framer Motion,
    • Three.js
  • CMS

    • PayloadCMS,
    • Sanity,
    • Craft
  • Enjoys

    • Drumming,
    • Cooking,
    • Cycling,
    • Photography

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